Saturday, March 22, 2014

How To Remove A Stuck Valve Cap On A Trumpet

Removing stack valve caps is something I do very often.  Usually, the best way to do this is to use the soft jaw pliers.  These are pliers that have rubber insets in the jaws. If you use regular metal pliers, you will probably mar the cap; or worse, mess up the valve casing.

Pliers with rubber inserts
Another way to remove a stock cap is to tap it with a rawhide mallet.  Do not use a metal hammer. Just tap the edge of the cap all the way around being careful not to hit anything but the cap. Also, make sure all of the valve caps are on or you risk damaging the threads on an adjacent casing.  If you do not have a rawhide mallet, you can use a metal hammer.  You take a three or four inch piece of dowel and put it up against the valve cap and tap the dowel with the hammer in the same manner as previously mentioned.

If you tap on the cap and it is not loosened, just tap again.  If it still is not loose after several times, try twisting it back and forth several times with your fingers, then try tapping again.

These methods should work about 98% of the time.  When I find one that is REALLY stuck, I will make another blog and video.