Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 10 Benefits of Band Instrument Repair

Here is the yop 10 list of the benefits of being a band instrument repair technician:

10:Great customers... The vast majority of band people are pleasant to work with.

9:Close to home... Since I own my own business, I can choose where to work which is about 400 feet (120 meters) from home.

8:It is a good conversation starter.... Everyone wants to know more about a peson who makes a living working on instruments.

7:A lot of time to listen to books on CD... Whenever there are not customers in the shop, I can listen to books on CD that I get from the library.

6:Low stress job... usually

5:I get to work with my hands and my brain at the same time.

4:I have a lot of energy when I get home... It does not usually take too muck energy to fix instruments, so when I get home, I am ready to work hard.

3:It does not take a lot of money to run the store.

2:A lot of time with kids... I often take my kids to work with me.

1:A lot of time with my wife... Since I have a 1 minute walk to work and back, I have more time to spend with my wife.

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